Bulk Powders

CELLg8 offers a wide variety of bulk liposomal powders/ingredients. We also do custom powder formulations ready for finished goods.

Example Manufacturing Categories

Liposomal Bulk Ingredients

All of our ingredients and stock formulations are available in bulk. We can meet the standards and quantity of any large companies with high demand.

CELLg8® Vitamin Powders

We manufacture many stock formulations of CELLg8 vitamin powders that are ready to ship in 25 kg boxes. Stock CELLg8 powders are a great way to get these high absorption ingredients to the market quickly.

Custom CELLg8® Powders

You will get to work with our lab and top level doctors in formulating the perfect liposomal supplement for your brand and clients.

Ingredient NameActive PercentBenefitBenefitBenefit
Vitamin C70% ActiveImmune HealthHeart HealthSkin Support
Vitamin D50% ActiveImmune HealthBone HealthHeart Health
Glutathione40% ActiveAtioxidantDetoxificationNA
Iron40% ActiveRed Blood CellsImmune CellsNA
Green Tea - Caffeine Free30% ActiveAntioxidantWeight SupportDetox
GABA50% ActiveRelaxationBrain HealthNerve Support
Quecertin70% ActiveHeart HealthOccasional Allergy ReliefAntioxidant
Curcumin64% ActiveJoints and MusclesOccasional ComfortHormone Support
Astragalus70% ActiveImmune HealthNANA
Resveratrol49% ActiveAntioxidantHearlth AgingMitochondira Function
Berberine70% ActiveMetabolic SupportBlood Sugar SupportGut Health
Magnesium7.275% ActiveMood SupportRelaxing SupportMuscle Support
Hesperidin70% ActiveAntioxidantBlood Vessel SupportDetox Support
Calcium30% ActiveBone HealthMetabolic SupportNA
Omega-330% ActiveMood SupportEye HealthBrain Function
CoQ1070% ActiveEnergy-mitrochondria supportLipid SupportMuscle Support


Liposomal Powders

See a visualized representation of how CELLg8® powders are absorbed into our system with unmatched results backed by human clinical studies.

Manufacturing Services

Research and Development

The start of making your idea a reality. Our lab will directly work with you in making a stable, effective, and safe supplement for your clients.


Once samples are approved we begin the manufacturing process. Your order is sent to our FDA and cGMP certified manufacturing facility.


We work with hundreds of different forms of packaging as well as custom packaging. If you have something in mind, just ask!