Packaging Solutions

We offer a wide variety of packaging solutions. From bottles, to droppers, to sachets, there are hundreds of possibilities. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on this page, please reach out to us and ask! We can almost certainly come up with a solution for your product.

Featured Packaging


Ideal for multiple-dose liquid formulas, glass bottles give an upscale feel and look. Bottle options are available in a variety of colors and styles for your specific branding.

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Capsules & Softgels

Easy to use, portable, and precise dosing from industry-standard capsules and softgels. We have demonstrated enhanced absorption from these dosage forms compared to non-liposomal powders and liquids.

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Sachets & Pouches

Best for single-serve liquids or powders, sachets and pouches offer portability and convenience for the end user and unique branding opportunities with the sachet/pouch and box.

Other Packaging Options

Mist Spray

Mist sprayers come in a large variety of sizes and are perfect for a "no-mess" solution.


This tried and true dosing method is best for small doses (1-2 mL) and bottles (30-120 mL) and offers precision dosing of liposomal liquids.

Sqeezable Bottles

Lightweight HDPE or PET bottles are durable, easy to ship, and easy to dispense, and can be labeled with your unique branding.