Powering the next generation of supplements

CELLg8® is a nutrient delivery system that has been clinically proven through safety, absorption, and blood glucose studies to enhance the absorption of most vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

The Infinite Solution

The Problem with Nutrient Delivery

The stomach will vaporize more vitamins than it absorbs.

While traditional vitamins and supplements hold many health benefits, the majority of their active compounds are destroyed during digestion – that’s where CELLg8® comes in.


CELLg8®: The Infinite Solution

Our 8th generation of liposome technology has become the Infinite Solution, delivering maximum nutrient absorption throughout the body.

Delivery for all Nutrients


The CELLg8® lipid delivery technology has been perfected as a scalable production process. We are able to manufacture the next generation of supplements on a large and sustainable scale, starting with the finest materials so that we can produce the highest quality product.


The team behind the CELLg8® Technology is committed to setting the standard for the liposomal manufacturing industry – for all nutrients, including hemp. We have four clinical trials currently in progress. 

Learn more about our studies at the links below:


Speed, Precision & Quality Control

100% Vertically Integrated for Maximum Efficiency

cGMP Certified Lab

Our next-generation liposomes are lab-grade, which means we have stringent production processes in place to ensure every experience with our products is consistent and outstanding.

Clinically Proven Results

Clinical studies prove the effectiveness of wrapping vitamins, nutrient and active compounds in molecules of fat through liposomal manufacturing.

Scalable Production Process

Our CELLg8® lipid delivery technology is clean, safe and perfected as a scalable production process. We start with the finest materials so that we can end with the highest quality product.

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Guaranteed Process

Every step of our certified liposomal manufacturing process is carefully documented and tested.

Ingredients are tested for purity, identity and strength

Supplements are weighed and mixed precisely

Purified water is used in all processes

Actives are compounded with lipids in our proprietary process to form the next generation of liposomes

Liposomes are flavored

Product is packaged and tested again for purity, identity and strength