Ketones Study


Change in Blood Ketones After Single-Dose Supplementation with Liposomal Ketone Formulation

Protocol: Participants ingested a one-time 5-gram dose of a 50:50 liposomal preparation of ketone monoester/1,3-butanediol.

Laboratory Analyses: Baseline blood ketone measurement using a ketone meter (KetoCoach meter), then measurements at 15 minutes post-ingestion, 30 minutes post-ingestion, 60 minutes post-ingestion, and a final measurement at 120 minutes.

Results: Fifteen minutes after ingesting the liposomal ketone product, all participants had an increase in blood ketones, ranging from 120% to 250% of the baseline level (avg 174%). At 30 minutes post-ingestion, participants’ blood ketones increased from baseline an average of 214%. At 60 minutes, a 66% increase over baseline was seen, and at 120 minutes a 43% increase over baseline was seen. Participants also noted increased mental clarity and acuity.

Conclusions: Liposomal ketones are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, shown by the average level of 174% over baseline at 15 minutes. This continued at 30 minutes when the greatest increase over baseline was seen – an average level of 214%. Blood ketones stayed at levels above baseline at 60 and 120 minutes. This study shows that ingestion of a liposomal ketone product significantly increases blood ketones starting at 15 minutes and continuing for over two hours. With the peak in blood ketones at 30 minutes, it is advisable to ingest this product 15-30 minutes prior to a workout, to maximize energy and workout strength. Exogenous ketones can serve as an alternate energy source that reduces carbohydrate and protein metabolism, while also decreasing fat storage. Ketogenic diets are commonly used to enhance weight loss, mental clarity, exercise performance, and recovery; however, they are cumbersome and difficult for many people to continue long-term due to dietary constraints. Exogenous ketones offer a method of increasing blood ketones quickly without dietary restrictions and may offer a less complicated approach to obtaining the health benefits of ketosis.


  • Ketosis in 20 minutes
  • Increased mental clarity and sharpness
  • Mimics benefits of intermittent fasting
  • Provides effects of a ketogenic diet without the hassle