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Glutathione Powder

Oral glutathione supplementation is inconsistent at best, with little to no glutathione reaching the tissues, partly due to glutathione being destroyed by stomach acid. CELLg8® Liposomal Technology protects the molecule from stomach acid and significantly improves glutathione absorption, resulting in 20x higher blood levels compared to non liposomal glutathione supplementation

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CELLg8® Powered


A study was done to see if a special liposomal form of glutathione, which is found in CELLg8® glutathione, could increase levels of glutathione in the blood and help with detoxification. Seven people took a regular glutathione powder, then after a week's break took the CELLg8® liposomal glutathione liquid. The results showed that the liposomal form increased blood levels of glutathione by 22%, while the regular powder did not change levels. In another study, four people took 750 mg of CELLg8® glutathione twice a day for 30 days. This led to improved liver function and detoxification as shown by a decrease in bilirubin and a 39% decrease in mercury.