2500 IU / Serving

Vitamin D3 with K2 Powder

Although vitamin D is typically well absorbed, a recent study shows enhanced absorption and significantly higher vitamin D blood levels after taking CELLg8® vitamin D, compared to non-liposomal vitamin D

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CELLg8® Powered

Vitamin D

15 healthy people were tested for their Vitamin D levels, then took a liposomal product with 125 mcg Vitamin D and 400 mcg Vitamin K for 30 days. On average, their Vitamin D levels increased by 73%, compared to a 16% average increase from non-liposomal Vitamin D supplementation. The increase was even greater for those who started with low Vitamin D levels, with an average increase of 112% in the liposomal vitamin D group.

The study shows that taking liposomal Vitamin D leads to better Vitamin D absorption, resulting in higher levels compared to traditional non-liposomal Vitamin D supplementation.