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Green Tea Polyphenols Powder

Green tea is usually supplemented to take advantage of its inherent polyphenols, which possess antioxidant activity and metabolic benefits. However, green tea polyphenols are poorly absorbed. Our CELLg8® Liposomal Technology has demonstrated over 8x higher blood levels, compared to non-liposomal green tea extract.

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CELLg8® Powered

Green Tea Polyphenols (Caffeine Free)

A study was done with 26 people to compare the effectiveness of a green tea extract found in CELLg8® Green Tea compared to a regular green tea extract found in other supplements. The study was not randomized and the participants didn't know which extract they were taking. They took 200mg of a regular green tea extract twice a day, then had a 14-day break, and then took 200mg of the CELLg8® extract twice a day. Blood samples were taken 24 hours after each consumption to measure the amount of catechin, an important component of green tea, in their blood.