Health Quest Podcast with Dr. Emek Blair – Liposomes for Increasing Iron Absorption

HQP 425

In this interview, Dr. Blair discusses the value of liposome technology for the enhanced delivery of iron supplementation. Iron as a supplement is poorly absorbed and often causes gastric discomfort. Liposomes deliver nutrients in a form that is easy for the body to utilize resulting in better outcomes.

Dr. Blair has been studying liposomes for the absorption of many nutrients. Some nutrients like iron are poorly absorbed while nutrients like glutathione are not absorbed orally. Liposome nutrients can be absorbed up to 17 times better than conventional forms.

Dr. Blair has developed many liposomes and has numerous clinical studies that reveal the wonderful benefits offered by liposome nutrients. Much better absorption leads to better results. How do we know a supplement works? it is from clinical research. When researching liposomes, it is possible to compare the blood levels of liposomes vs conventional.

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