Case Study

Liposomal Products Manufacturing for Vitamin Shoppe using CELLg8®

Vitamin Shoppe is a leading retailer of vitamins, supplements, and wellness products in the United States. The company carries a wide range of products from different brands, including CELLg8® liposomal ingredients from Solaray. In 2020, Vitamin Shoppe entered into a partnership with CELLg8®, a liposomal products manufacturer, to produce liposomal products carrying the Vitamin Shoppe label.

The partnership between Vitamin Shoppe and CELLg8® demonstrates the importance of collaboration between companies with different expertise and resources. By working together, Vitamin Shoppe was able to expand its product line and offer high-quality liposomal products with CELLg8® technology to its customers. The success of this partnership highlights the potential for future collaborations between companies in the supplement industry.

The Challenge

Vitamin Shoppe wanted to expand its product line by offering high-quality liposomal products to its customers. However, the company did not have the expertise or the resources to manufacture such products in-house. Vitamin Shoppe needed to find a reliable and experienced partner like CELLg8® who could manufacture liposomal products according to its specifications and standards.

The Solution

CELLg8® began by working closely with Vitamin Shoppe to understand its product specifications, quality standards, and branding requirements. CELLg8® then developed and produced three liposomal products for Vitamin Shoppe, including Vitamin C, Vitamin D/K2, and B12 Spray. These products were manufactured using the latest technology and highest quality CELLg8® liposomal ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness and absorption.

The Results

The partnership between Vitamin Shoppe and CELLg8® has been successful. The liposomal products with CELLg8® technology have been well-received by Vitamin Shoppe's customers, who appreciate the high quality and effectiveness of the products. Vitamin Shoppe has been able to expand its product line and increase its sales revenue by offering liposomal products that are not readily available in other retail stores.