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I was born into nutrition. Early on, my parents were big on nutrition and natural, holistic medicine, and from that, I also developed a passion and curiosity about nutrition. I’ve always studied nutrition and I have always been very interested in how the human body works.

The liposomal delivery technology was created almost by mistake. In 2001, I started studying how our liver enzymes work. What you may not know if that you can’t just extract a liver enzyme and observe what kind of activity it has. You have to wrap it in the same kind of cell that naturally occurs in the body. I spent the next five years developing different methods of wrapping lipids around different enzymes and different molecules so I could study them in their natural environment to get accurate results.

It turns out that food works in the same way. When we eat something our body breaks it down and processes it into different components: fibers, sugars, vitamins, minerals, etc. In order for those components to be absorbed into the body, your body breaks them down into tiny little bubbles and then wraps them up in a similar structure that our cells are structured. For example, if you want to absorb vitamin C, the most efficient way your body can do it is by wrapping lipids around it which makes it look like a cell. Fundamentally, this structure is the same as a liposome. Liposomes are the way our bodies like to absorb nutrition.

When you take the vitamin C that we have all known for years, you might look at taking one gram of it. However, the body can only absorb 200 milligrams of it. That’s just 20% absorption. What I did were clinical studies to determine what works and what doesn’t work for maximum absorption. We gave people powdered vitamin C and then tested their blood for levels of vitamin C. What we determined is that no matter the amount of vitamin C ingested, your body can only absorb 200-250 milligrams at the most with the powdered.

However, when we gave people a few grams of liposomal vitamin C, we found that the body absorbed higher levels of vitamin C faster and it stayed in their bodies for longer. This is important because it showed that the body was not rejecting the higher levels of vitamin C. This means that the body was using vitamin C and not rejecting it.

So we discovered that liposomal vitamin C absorbs at higher levels. Now what? We took another step after that to see what kind of benefits did the people in our study experience as a result. What we saw was amazing. People who took the liposomal vitamin C experienced less oxidated stress than when they were resting. This demonstrates that the body is using the higher levels of vitamin C to protect itself and keep your body at the correct health.

This system is innovative and ultimately liposomal delivery will become the way people achieve ultimate nutrition.

Listen to the Live Exceptionally with Lisa podcast below.

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