How the Food you Eat Prevents your Body from Absorbing Nutrition

Calcium Absorb - Cover

While calcium is an important nutrients, the fact that bread, cereals, dairy, and many foods are fortified with calcium, prevents numerous nutrients from absorbing into your body.

Calcium can prevent the absorption of vitamins and minerals in a few ways:

Calcium and iron have similar chemical properties and compete for absorption in the gut. When calcium and iron are taken together, the calcium can bind to the iron and prevent it from being absorbed by the body.

Calcium can also bind to zinc in the gut and prevent its absorption.

Calcium can also bind to tannins (found in tea, coffee, and some fruits and vegetables) and phytates (found in whole grains, legumes, and nuts) greatly reducing these foods’ nutritional function in your body.

CELLg8 liposomal products can reduce or eliminate this from occurring due to their high encapsulation rate (the nutrients are inside the lipids) so the calcium does not have opportunity to interfere.

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