Discover the Factors Behind the Changes in Fruit Nutrition – Explore Now!

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Why has fruit changed so much since I was a kid…not as nutritious either? There are several factors that may contribute to fruits having less nutrition today than they did 30 years ago.
  • Soil Depletion: Modern farming practices have led to the depletion of vital minerals and nutrients in the soil, leading to produce with lower nutritional content.
  • Hybridization: Fruits have been hybridized over time to have a longer shelf life, better color, and improved taste, but the process can result in a loss of nutritional value.
  • Pesticides: The use of pesticides can lower the nutritional content of fruits by reducing the amount of vitamins and minerals the plants can absorb.
  • Transportation and Storage: Fruits are often picked before they are fully ripe and then transported long distances, which can affect their nutritional content. Additionally, the use of refrigeration during storage can also decrease the nutritional value of fruits.
  • Farming in Non Native Environments: why not grow pineapples in the mountains….non native locations can also affect the nutritional content of fruits by altering the timing of growth and ripening, as well as increasing the stress on plants and reducing their ability to produce nutrients

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