We are well known for our liquid liposomal supplements. We have formulated thousands of different liquid supplements, many with custom flavors. Getting the taste, smell, and consistency right for your supplement is crucial and we can do just that!

Benefits of Liquids

Liquid supplements that taste and smell good make the experience much more fun and keeping compliance. Whether you’re mixing it in juice, water, a smoothie, or drinking it straight, our liquid formulations are fantastic! Nobody likes to have a liquid supplement that is a chore to ingest. We work extremely hard to make ingredients that seem impossible to taste/smell good (such as glutathione) into a much more palatable combination. 

Popular Flavors

Tropical Punch

A fruity mix of tropical flavors that goes well with any liquid supplement. It's a great, crowd pleasing flavor option.

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Berry Blend

A slightly more earthy blend of berries. Another very popular flavor for our liquid supplements.

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Interested in making a new flavor? We can help you achieve just that. You'll work with our lab on creating your very own.

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Manufacturing Services

Research and Development

The start of making your idea a reality. Our lab will directly work with you in making a stable, effective, and safe supplement for your clients.


Once samples are approved we begin the manufacturing process. Your order is sent to our FDA and cGMP certified manufacturing facility.


We work with hundreds of different forms of packaging as well as custom packaging. If you have something in mind, just ask!