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Health Quest Podcast with Dr. Emek Blair – Liposome Hemp Extract is up to 17 Times Better Absorbed

In this interview Dr. Emek Blair will discuss the absorption challenges for CBD. There is so much confusion in the marketplace. Most people have heard of CBD and associate CBD with better health. Many people are experimenting with CBD products in the hope that the products will work well for them. And many people are getting good results.

However, many people are also disappointed in their results. Why is it that some people do well and others do not? The answer is complex and we have discussed some of these issues in past interviews. The simple answer is that there are no reliable standards for companies or consumers. Some of these issues are:

  • Poor Absorption – Many products in the marketplace are poorly absorbed. OptiVida Hemp Extract is up to 17 times better absorbed into the blood.
  • Lower-quality strains of hemp don’t give the best results. Look for companies that use a consistent source that is identifiable. OptiVida Hemp Extract is from native organic hemp grown in Colorado.
  • Not organic – Cannabis can accumulate toxins such as pesticides, etc. Always go organic. Here is Dr. Blair in his field of organic hemp.
  • Poor manufacturing quality – Studies have shown that some products do not have the stated potency. Some products contain THC. Some products are produced using chemical solvents. The problems list goes on and on. OptiVida Hemp Extract is a clean, green product. The hemp is processed nearby using CO2 in place of heat, pressure, or solvents to maintain nutritional integrity.
  • Isolated or synthetic CBD – You want products that contain the full spectrum of hemp derived nutrients. OptiVida is full spectrum organically grown hemp extract.
  • What is the correct dosage? This can vary widely. It depends on how much your body can absorb. Oil based products may have a lower absorption compared to liposome forms. Liposomes are absorbed many times better. Dr. Blair discusses some of his specific dosage recommendations. His recommendation is to look for blood levels of approximately 4 mg. NOTE: The question is: how much of a particular product is required to achieve this blood level? This is not the dose on the bottle. It is the dose on the bottle times the absorption rate times the number of doses needed to = 4 mg. blood level. This is achieved with each dose of OptiVida Hemp Extract. Look for products with clinical evidence for their claims.
  • Is the product clinically tested? – Most CBD in the market has never been tested for absorption, safety or effectiveness. The liposome CBD created by Dr. Blair has been tested and has been compared to other forms of CBD for all of these. You can learn about this science in the interview and at the website Dr. Blair’s OptiVida Hemp Extract is used by some doctors for PTSD support*. 
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