Questions & Answers

General Questions

CELLg8® is a registered trademark for "all natural, proprietary and patent-pending method for manufacturing custom liposome formulas"

Our team of scientists, which have over 50 years of experience, formulate products based on their experience and current scientific knowledge.

Yes, our studies show significantly increased absorption and utilization of our products.

We have product stability data for all our Valimenta products, which in general have an 18-24-month shelf life

Our MOQ is 72 units per SKU. We can offer additional discounts with greater volume.

Yes, we specialize in custom liposomal formulas.

Private Label

Our available stock products can be found on our website, These products include Vitamin C, Vitamin D3/K2, Curcumin, Glutathione, B12, and more.

Yes, we can provide bulk powder or bulk liquid.

Custom Product

Yes, we can create products with just about any flavor you would like.

Yes, we can.

It depends on the ingredients you choose, but in general, yes we can make liposomal liquids just about any color using natural, plant-based colors.

Yes we can make liposomal powders, which can then be delivered as bulk powder or as powder in a tub or in capsules.

We use a trusted, third party vendor for encapsulation and packet filling.

Our Dosing




There are no significant drug-nutrient or drug-botanical interactions with any of our stock products.


Our liposomal supplements are deisgned to be ingested orally by way of placing the product directly into the mouth or by mixing the product in a solution such as water or juice. We cannot say with confidence that the supplements would work in a baked recipe.

We recommend that children under the age of four do not take our products. Older children can take up to one third of an adult dose, and teens can can between half and a full adult dose.

They typically are in a range of 60-172 nanometers

Approximately 1/3rd of the weight of each liposome is the active ingredient.

Yes, we can provide products in liquids and powder, and place them in bottles, sachets, or in capsules.

We use flavors derived from natural plant extracts.

We use natural stevia to sweeten most of our liquids. We can also use alternative sweeteners, such as Monk Fruit extract, as needed.

We can place sachets, liquid bottles, and capsule bottles in a box.

Quality Control

Yes, every batch is third party tested.

This depends on the ingredients and finished product. Typically we test organoleptic, microbiological, heavy metals, identification, and pesticides.

We are cGMP certified by SGS, an international entity that inspects and certifies manufacturing.

Yes, we follow 21 CFR Part 111, the FDA regulations regarding good manufacturing practices.

We follow all current Good Manufacturing Practices so that we manufacture products that are safe, pure, and consistent.

FDA does not certify dietary supplement manufacturers. However, we do comply with all FDA regulations so that if we are inspected by FDA we know we are following all the rules.

Yes, we are certified by SGS, an international body that inspects dietary supplement manufacturers to ensure they are following established GMPs and SOPs.

We partner with commercial laboratories that perform HPLC, HPTLC, ICP, GC/MS, microbiological testing, and more.

We partner with commercial laboratories that perform HPLC, HPTLC, ICP, microbiological, and other testing as needed. We can share these test results with you.

The CELLg8 process itself is not patented- it is a trade secret. We do have patents pending on specific formulations and on health indications

While some of our customers have registered our products in their countries under their own brands, we cannot disclose the identities of our customers. We do not personally register our stock products outside the US.

Ingredients & Sourcing

Yes, we use the purest ingredients.


We avoid this ingredient as it can cause stomach upset



We use the L Form of Glutamine.

Potassium sorbate is an effective, natural, safe preservative that reduces microbial growth. We use a small amount (a few milligrams) to keep our products safe and effective, with a reasonable shelf life.

Glycerin is sweet, provides some thickening, and helps prevent microbial growth

We do not use guar gum in our products, however we do use acacia and xanthan gums as thickening agents. Both acacia and xanthan gums are derived from natural sources.

We source our ingredients from suppliers worldwide. We test every ingredient in the same manner regardless of where in the world it is sourced. All ingredients must pass our stringent specifications prior to being released for use in manufacturing

Some of our ingredients do come from China. Like all ingredients, they go through the same testing procedure. 1. Receipt and Quarantine. 2. Testing to verify identity, quality, potency, and purity. 3. Release for use in production batches. 4. Finished products quarantined. 5. Testing finished product. 6. Release for sale.

Our glycerin is sourced from Palm Kernels. It is kosher and RSPO certified sustainable.

Packaging Solutions

Our stock products come in a standard white, plastic imperial round made from HDPE.

We have our stock packaging, but can source other bottles, boxes, etc. as needed.

Yes, we can work with you to create your unique product

We can place sachets, liquid bottles, and capsule bottles in a box.

Yes, we can provide products in liquids and powder, and place them in bottles, sachets, or in capsules.

Yes, they are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and no BPA

Shipping Solutions

Shipping costs vary depending upon a variety of factors. Shipping can be arranged by the customer or we can arrange and provide a shipping quote upon request.

FOB is a contractually binding agreement that the seller is relieved of responsibility once the goods leave the dock or have been shipped. Once the goods are off our doc they are considered to be in control by the buyer. The costs of shipping are separately negotiated on a case by case basis. In the majority of the cases, the buyer is reimbursing us for the shipping costs

We do not use climate-controlled transportation or storage. However, this can be arranged upon request for an additional cost.



Shipping can be customer arranged or arranged by Valimenta and invoiced accordingly. Our shipping department can coordinate details like pick up times with customer arranged shipping companies.


We kindly ask that you send us a BOL prior to pick up so that our shipping department can release your product appropriately.

Payment Solutions

Payment terms are Prepaid for the first three orders, then 50% down and 50% preship for the next three orders, and then Net 30 for the remaining orders unless otherwise arranged. If there is a delay in payment per the customers terms, the terms automatically revert back to Prepaid.

Yes, there is a 10 day grace period to allow checks to clear for first time customers