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Since our inception in 2010 and enlargement in 2015, we have been striving to achieve excellence in the liposome manufacturing sector. At CELLg8®, we are convinced that the best way to go is to manufacture products that are effective and substantiated by science, not to make ambitious, unsubstantiated claims. We do not expect our customers to have a scientific background and be able to supply their own research regarding our products. CELLg8® takes care of this by providing published human clinical studies that can be used in marketing materials!

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Our company has a long record of demonstrating our technology and publishing clinical studies related to Vitamin C, Iron, Green Tea, EGCG, and Glutathione. We guarantee premium-grade ingredients and first-rate customer service with our liposomal supplements. In addition, our product is highly scalable and can accommodate the requirements of your business.

About CELLg8®

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Whether you’re creating a custom-formulated product or simply white labeling, CELLg8® provides an all-in-one solution that takes you from an idea all the way to being ready to sell on the market. All of our ingredients are vegan and sourced from trustworthy suppliers that we have worked with for many years. 

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CELLg8® provides many types of packaging options. There is a plethora of choices, ranging from bottles to droppers to sachets. If you can't find what you need here, please contact us. We are confident that we can come up with an ideal solution for your item.

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